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  • Oxygen Facial Mask, for brighter and fresher complexion

Oxygen Facial Mask, Madonna's secret to perfect skin: Oseque Season 3 (Gigawhite)

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Product Description


Does your skin look dull and lacklustre? All you need is high concentration Powerful Oxygen Facial Mask Shot to replenish your skin. The world's best-selling female recording artist in history by Guinness World Records: Madonna made an announcement on her Web site and in an interview with Harper's Bazaar that Oxygen Facials are her beauty treatment of choice to hydrate skin immediately for making the face appear smoother and plumper. **Details are credited to The New York Times and

Madonna's secret to perfect skin unveiled

And here, proudly present you an affordable home oxygen facial treatment that can deliver the same effects: OSEQUE Oxygen Cleansing Facial Mask Season 3 enhanced with "Swiss formulated Gigawhite" where "Perfect Skin can be achieved in just minutes!"

OSEQUE Oxygen Cleansing Facial Mask Season 3 is a "120ml Frothy facial mask" that releases oxygen into the skin, so your complexion instantly feels brighter and fresher. In 5 minutes or less, this refreshing mask delivers a quick antioxidant blast to perk up the dull and tired skin; to make you look more refreshing and improve your skin texture. In addition, OSEQUE Oxygen Cleansing Mask Season 3 can be used as daily cleanser and it is proven to also remove stubborn makeup. Not only that, this OSEQUE Oxygen Cleansing Facial Mask Season 3 comes with 7 wonderful functions, did we just say 7 functions? YES and they are:

◎ Product Functions

  • Oxygen Facial Shot, replenishes the Oxygen of our skin
  • Self-Bubbling Cleanser
  • GIGAWHITE™ Skin Whitening (Swiss formulated)
  • Makeup Remover
  • Reduction of dead skin
  • Anti Sebum
  • Pore tightening

◎ Product Description

OSEQUE Oxygen Cleansing Facial Mask with GIGAWHITE™ is a Korean made Oxygen Facial Mask combined with Cleanser that is suitable for daily use. On average our body requires 2.73kg of oxygen however pollution has deteriorated the quality of air causing skin aging to accelerate and looking dull. This Oxygen Facial Mask effectively slows down this process. You will also see your skin instantly becomes brighter and more vibrant even from the first use as it has a powerful Self-Micro Bubbling system that effectively replenishes the Oxygen that our skin is lack of. 

It also delivers deep cleansing effect that can effectively removes dirt and makeups such as sun creamBB cream and other foundations from our skin. This is because it contains CF-61, a new cleansing material made by advanced technology, minimize stimulation but actively removes waste and make-up residue with its oxygen bubble.

OSEQUE Oxygen Cleansing Facial Mask is Korean Food and Drug Administrator (KFDA) certified and volunteers who tested the product saw visible result of pores tightening and significant reductions of dead skin cells and sebum.

The GIGAWHITE™ found in OSEQUE Oxygen Cleansing Mask is a skin lightening complex of botanical origin. GIGAWHITE™ is formulated in Switzerland and developed from alpine plants. It helps to brighten and even skin tone and in a 12 week study, it has proven to reduce the colour intensity of age spots.

How does it work?

Oxygen Facial Mask Cleanser makeup remover

◎ Direction of Use

Oxygen Facial Mask Cleanser usage (1)

Oxygen Facial Mask Cleanser usage (2)

◎ Amazing Before and After effect

Oxygen Facial Mask Cleanser before and after (2)

Oxygen Facial Mask Cleanser before and after (3)

Oxygen Facial Mask Cleanser before and after (4)

◎ Best Buy Packages Selections

◎ Independent Bloggers Reviews

Pardonne-moi ce caprice (full review - click here):

" far the coolest cleaner. It is effective, easy to use and get rid of makeup immediately."

Shika Sarang (full review - click here):

"I really like this as a deep cleanser, it’s gentle and cleanses away."

Emily's Anthology (full review - click here):

"This mask is a favourite with Asian celebrities, and has a huge following in Korea."

Lab Muffin (full review - click here):

"Overall, it's a very gentle but effective cleanser with barely any surfactants. My skin definitely feels less dry after washing than with my normal regimen. Definitely a good option for dry winter skin!"

Beautyholics Anonymous (full review - click here):

"I did notice my skin looking a tad brighter after cleansing. Whatever it was, it gave me clean, bright, hydrated skin, and for that I’m a happy camper."

MSN Life & Style (full review - click here):

"At the end of the four weeks trial, I did notice a brighter complexion, my skin looks fresh as well. I also like the fact that Oseque's Oxygen Cleansing Mask managed to get rid of my make-up residue thoroughly whenever I used a BB cream."

◎ More on OSEQUE Oxygen Mask Season 3

Endorsed by Korean Celebrity: Lee, Ah Hyeon (Actress)

Oxygen Facial Mask Cleanser endorsed

  1. As soon as applying it on the face, rich oxygen bubble carrys deep cleasing agent to remove dirt as well as makeup.
  2. What's more, GIGAWHITE™ (brightening complex from Switzerland) is included for the whitening effect and this product consists of mainly natural ingredients: Malva Sylvestris flower, Alchemilla Vulgaris, Vernoica Officinalis Flower/Leaf/Stem, Melissa officinalis Leaf, Primula Veris, Achillea Millefolium, Mentha piperita Leaf, Emu Oil, Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluronic Acid, Vegetable Collagen, Mineral Water, Bamboo extract, Royal jelly extract, Silk powder, Acerola extract, Green tea extract, Milk protein extract, Trehalose
  3. This Oxygen Facial Mask too contains capsule Vitamin C and E for anti aging and blocking sunshine.
  4. And the silk powder from cocoon can help control pore by deem cleansing by oxygen bubble effect.

Endorsed by Korean Celebrity: Lee, Ah Hyeon (Actress)

At, we offer different bundled packages that are well worth your money. And here's the different packages designed for better value with more ways to save.

OSEQUE Skin Whitening Facial treatment cleanser Single Pack

OSEQUE Skin Whitening Facial treatment cleanser Twin Saver Package

OSEQUE Skin Whitening Facial treatment cleanser Power Saver Package

OSEQUE Skin Whitening Facial treatment cleanser Super Saver Package

OSEQUE Oxygen Mask Cleanser - Season 3 with  GIGAWHITETM


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  1. Best ever facial cum mask cleanser!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jan 2015

    This is my 2nd return to seller. It is fast and easy on my face and my time spent on my face has had shorten very much. Thanks.

  2. This product helps me on all my skin problems

    Posted by ilovelager on 13th Oct 2014

    My skin condition - Large pores, uneven skin tone, dry skin. This product definitely diminishes the look of pores and evens out skin tone, it feels wonderful and is easy to use. I would recommend this oxygen mask to anyone who is having the same skin condition as mine.

  3. Excellent product

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Aug 2014

    i love this oxygen mask alot! I use it everyday for glowing radient skin.
    When you have it on, it doesnt feel like it is doing anything but once you take it off it leaves you with the most beautiful skin ever!
    I would 100% recommend this product and its promo pack as it is so worth the money!@!

  4. This product is awesome!!

    Posted by Carmen Gisele-99 on 28th Jul 2014

    I saw difference in skin glow right away, It makes my face feel very refreshing. This is a great product to use even daily. Thumb's up!!

  5. It works for me!!

    Posted by Pauline Bennington on 5th May 2014

    Actually recommended by my friend and proceeded to purchase the promo pack. I have to admit this is a great product as it really revitalizes and vrings vibrance to my skin. It is gentle and does not irritate at all. I am glad with my purchase.

  6. Great product

    Posted by Zsuzsi Mihály on 26th Apr 2014

    This oxygen mask did amazing things. I am 40 years old now and my skin improves so much after using this product. My skin looks much more youthful than most of the younger women I work with. I love the way my skin feels and I am going to get the promotion package in my next purchase.

  7. Highly recommended

    Posted by Rachael_Z3451 on 12th Apr 2014

    I use this product every day in the morning and at night as recommended and I feel great about it. My skin feels refreshing and looks wonderful after using plus the tingling from the oxygen doing its thing is great and is like little tickles all over your face. Highly recommended.

  8. A wonderful product

    Posted by Emily Clarkson on 3rd Mar 2014

    I bought this product as a beauty blogger was saying how nice it is.

    I have to agree with her after trying this product, I am so amazed how effective this product is and how good it makes my skin feels. Thumb up!

  9. Felt Smooth

    Posted by Jennifer T. on 12th Feb 2014

    I really like that this product as it foams right away and puts moisture back into your skin. I like this feeling and would get it again.

  10. Great product to remove bb cream.

    Posted by Bella on 28th Dec 2013

    This product has not caused my skin to breakout since I have acne-prone skin. It makes your skin glow as well. It does remove bb cream from my skin. So, I do not have to use a separate makeup remover. I would definitely recommend this product to those loling to simplify their beauty routine and those with acne-prone skin.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 32 | Next

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